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I don't play here very often anymore! Come find my reviews on Instagram!

Hey guys and gals! I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted a review here! I simply don't get time to do them as often...

Monday, 3 December 2018

I don't play here very often anymore! Come find my reviews on Instagram!

Hey guys and gals!
I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted a review here! I simply don't get time to do them as often as I'd like.
These days you are more likely to find me sharing mini reviews on Instagram and I have just done a couple for the high end inspired make-up collection Aldi brought out in time for 2018 Black Friday weekend.
Here are the products I brought - I know you are gonna look twice at a couple of them as the packaging is sooo close!
Anyhoo, if you want to read up on what I thought, head over to my Instagram, give me a lil follow and watch out for more mini reviews and of course lots of lovely pictures of my work!

This is me!

See you there! 
Lots of Love
GirlyGlam đź’—

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

BellaPierre Strobing Kit - Review and Swatches

It's been a while since I blogged on here, I love writing but I get so caught up in the day to day running of my business, it just seems to sink further and further down the to-do list. I can't believe its been 2 years (I have written for other publications in that time) but my purchase on Saturday inspired me to pick up the pen - er keyboard again. 

I feel like I stumbled across a pretty special brand on Saturday! Bellápierre, an American brand specialising in cruelty free, mineral products with safe, minimal ingredients. 
I was in the market for a new highlighter - one I could also use on the lid, dare I say it a dupe for Tom Fords Golden Mink eyeshadow quad - to give a subtle sparkle (no chunky glitter crumbs here please!). So when I stumbled across the Bellápierre Strobing Kit in a department store on Saturday afternoon in between clients I was super excited to give it a try!  

The price: £12.99 down from its regular retail price of £50. At full price it doesn't seem like much of a steal in comparison to Mr Ford but at £12.99 I could afford to give it a go and chalk it up to experience if I was disappointed...

... but I wasn't disappointed - far from it! 

Inside packaging, you get a cruelty free Fan Brush and 4 x 2g pure pigment pots of illuminator. Here is how the colours are described by Bellápierre;

Lustre - Icy white Mineral shimmer with a violet duochrome finish 
Toast - Champagne mineral pigment with a white gold shimmer
Rosé - Rose gold mineral pigment with a silver shimmer
Sultry - Copper mineral pigment with a warm, golden finish 

I'm heavily into all things Rose Gold at the moment thanks to one of this years brides who passed on this obsession to me, so I knew I wanted something that would deliver that colour by the truckload. However Toast is also absolutely amazing. The Lustre shade is beautiful, I'm not getting the duochrome but I haven't tried it foiled yet. It would make the perfect tear duct highlight. Sultry is just like molten gold. 

In terms of texture, they don't feel grainy, just soft, super blendable and buildable. I would say that Lustre and Toast are more cool/ ashy whereas Rosé and Sultry are definitely warmer despite Rosé's silver shimmer. And the best bit - so far there has been minimal fallout which is a minor miracle for me and they have fab staying power! Here are the swatches:

I also decided to do a video so you can see how the product twinkles. It's just soooo pretty! 

So on Saturday afternoon I had regular GirlyGlam client Kelly booked in for her night out makeup. Kelly loves all things Kylie Jenner, it's all about that contour and highlight plus she is seriously into her smokey eyes. Every time I have done her makeup she has always asked for a deep feline flick too.... not so this weekend! She presented me with a visual that just screamed Strobing! 
On the centre of the lid I used a mixture of the Lustre and RosĂ© pigments and on the top of her cheekbones I used Toast. 

I got to use these amazing pigments again today, this time on Bride to Be Amy. No time for a trial, just a quick consultation and the usual medical q's and a's and in we went.
This time I took inspiration from Amy's hair and hubby to be's tie and after creating my signature bridal look, I packed on the RosĂ© Gold pigment with a slightly damp MAC239 brush into the centre of Amy's eyelid. Again I used Toast as the cheek highlight, more subtly this time which just goes to demonstrate how versatile the product is. In hindsight I could have used a teeny tiny bit more but then again I always pick my work apart so maybe it's just fine! What do you think? 

The verdict on these for me is Wow - I want to used them everywhere and in everyone! Will definitely be repurchasing! 

Thanks for reading, hope it's been helpful! 

ZoĂ« X 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

AH Francis Fastlash Adhesive - the best lash glue EVER!

So yesterday I posted a picture on my Facebook page of my regular lash client Sarah from her last appointment 2 weeks ago. At that appointment I used AH Francis Fastlash glue instead of my usual Problend (skin test was carried out 48 hrs prior!). 

2 weeks ago:

You can see how many gaps she had in the before infill image from a fortnight ago! Well last night she was back for her infills, the first one since I changed over the glue! 

Last night:

Look at the difference in both the before pictures! Fastlash has a slight fume to it so eyes must be kept completely shut during treatment and for a few minutes after but look how full the lashes still look after 2 weeks! Best glue I have ever used, no residue and clients report lash roots are soft and feel super comfortable! I'm also using AH Francis Lash sealer after each treatment to prolong the wear of my clients lashes even further - this product when first applied is quite wet and had made the lashes on the left eye look stuck together grr, however I'm happy to say that as soon as it dries they all fan out beautifully again!!! 

Thank you AH Francis! You have made me one very happy lash technician!!! 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone - Review

Mini blog! Loving the extra wear I get from putting MAC prep and prime skin refined zone treatment under my everyday mineral foundation! 8 hrs, hot day, oily skin usually means slick shiny skin! It's tricky to use as it "balls" foundation if you don't apply it correctly but once you get used to it, it's a life saver! Ooh and a waterfall braid to complete the summer look! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Beautiful Vintage Wedding

Tyra contacted me a few weeks ago about her bridal makeup for her wedding, no ordinary wedding, this was a vintage tea party themed wedding that was painstakingly planned with a definite 50's feel about it. From vintage teapot centrepieces adorned with the most beautiful floral arrangements and pink floral 50's style bridesmaid dresses with masses of candy floss like tule underskirt by Vivienne Holloway, to the beautiful lace one shoulder bridal gown worn by the bride and the classic cream and navy  vintage Roll's Royce - it was clear to see that no stone had been left unturned to make sure this wedding was straight from the archives! 
I did Tyra's makeup trial a couple of months ago and she asked me if I could cover a pretty tattoo on her chest that would detract from her beautiful dress and the carefully planned theme. I used Vichy Dermablend but it just wasn't quite doing the job. I was booked on an Airbase Airbrush System course so we decided to wait and see how that would work on the day. 
Ill be honest I was nervous and spent time practicing airbrush on hubby's tattoos and a friends sleeve tattoo in preparation. I arrived at the brides house this morning a little earlier than originally planned to make sure I had enough time to do all the layering required to cover Tyra's tattoo. Tyra's hairdresser was in full swing creating a stunning half up half down style with lots of curls and there was a bustling atmosphere around the house as everyone was getting ready.
As well as covering her tattoo Tyra also had Airbase Airbrush system for her foundation, contour, highlight and blush. It went on so easily and matched her skin tone perfectly. She had been worried that as she had really caught the sun last weekend, we wouldn't get a good match but Airbase coped marvellously, I mixed a couple of shades until we got an exact match. On Tyra's eyes we went for a beautiful soft look using MAC Naked Lunch, Brun and Wedge, finished with a beautiful black gel liner flick and pretty lashes to really embrace the vintage theme and finished the look with MAC Ravishing, a lovely coral lipstick which complimented her tan beautifully. 
As I completed the final preparations and after I had laced her into her gown with the help of the lovely lady and mutual friend who recommended me to her, there was a fair bit of emotion in the air. That special moment between a bride and her daddy will always spark a tear or two but the durability of Airbase meant the makeup remained intact with no hint that a single tear had been shed! 
I couldn't resist get getting a picture of Tyra with her dad in the vintage Rolls Royce as she left for her wedding!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

GlossyBox - A Bad Boyfriend?

So you might recall in an earlier review of MUA Starry Night  I mentioned I had subscribed to GlossyBox and I was going to bring you reviews of the products they sent me every month.

Unfortunately the love affair I began with GlossyBox - that I did indeed want to share with you, fizzled out as quickly as it started. For the first couple of months, my boxes were awesome - I got lovely HD Brow tweezers, HD brow palettes, Vichy Dermablend concealers, Paul Mitchell Hair Care, JellyPong Lipglosses to name but a few.

Then like a bad boyfriend who gets too comfortable and drops the act, everyday perfume and skin care samples replaced the high end products, Lady Gaga Perfume sample - very nice and it did make me want to buy, but perfume samples are usually free if you ask nicely. Olay, ok it was a sample of Regenerist 3 Point Cream which I have used for years anyway and swear by it BUT again, these samples are often attached to promotional pages in magazines. Then the final straw. Spanish Poundshop eye shadow palette in the most hideous green colours you have ever seen. Perhaps I'm being picky but according to the comments on their Facebook page, I wasn't the only one by a long way. It was like being taken to a transport cafe for our 6 month anniversary.

So I hastily unsubscribed with a bitter taste that didnt leave me feeling much like blogging about the better items - was this a ruse to draw me in, get me to fall in love so I wouldn't notice the rubbish stuff? I don't know, and there are some that would argue for £10 you are getting a fab deal, even with the odd dodgy box, and initially I would have agreed with them but after getting the same Olay sample 2 months running coupled with the fact that they completely ignored the questionairre I completed to enable my boxes to be tailored to me, I decided it was time to dump the bad boyfriend aka GlossyBox

Like the proverbial dumped bad boyfriend, they didn't ask me why or to reconsider, no emails to try and tempt me back, it was as if they accepted they had been dumped knowing there were plenty of beauty obsessed fish like me in the sea. So I guess that means they must be doing ok.

I often wonder what they are up to now, what do they put in peoples boxes now, is it better than the stuff they used to put in my box. I miss them sometimes - and I want to try again, I know they would have me back, and that's the thing - Fool me once shame on them, Fool me twice - shame on me...

Was it me? Or is it Them?

What do you think?

Zoe xxx

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Choosing Your Bridal Make-Up Artist

Make-Up by GirlyGlam Make-Up Artistry
Image courtesy of Lightening Photography

Just a mini blogpost  - for brides bowled over by the choice or supplier for their make-up and hair-up.

Its really important you choose an artist that you trust and who allows you to see examples of their own work. Always check they are fully qualified and finally don't automatically opt for the cheapest quote - pick the best one you can afford.

Like all reputable Make-Up Artists, I have spent several years learning my craft in detail so that my Bridal Clients look the best they possibly can look, both on the day, and in the lasting memories of their wedding photographs. The make-up products I use are of the highest quality, they photograph beautifully and last incredibly well too. Examples of my work can be seen both on my website

Or my Facebook Page