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Thursday, 17 July 2014

AH Francis Fastlash Adhesive - the best lash glue EVER!

So yesterday I posted a picture on my Facebook page of my regular lash client Sarah from her last appointment 2 weeks ago. At that appointment I used AH Francis Fastlash glue instead of my usual Problend (skin test was carried out 48 hrs prior!). 

2 weeks ago:

You can see how many gaps she had in the before infill image from a fortnight ago! Well last night she was back for her infills, the first one since I changed over the glue! 

Last night:

Look at the difference in both the before pictures! Fastlash has a slight fume to it so eyes must be kept completely shut during treatment and for a few minutes after but look how full the lashes still look after 2 weeks! Best glue I have ever used, no residue and clients report lash roots are soft and feel super comfortable! I'm also using AH Francis Lash sealer after each treatment to prolong the wear of my clients lashes even further - this product when first applied is quite wet and had made the lashes on the left eye look stuck together grr, however I'm happy to say that as soon as it dries they all fan out beautifully again!!! 

Thank you AH Francis! You have made me one very happy lash technician!!! 

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