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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

GlossyBox - A Bad Boyfriend?

So you might recall in an earlier review of MUA Starry Night  I mentioned I had subscribed to GlossyBox and I was going to bring you reviews of the products they sent me every month.

Unfortunately the love affair I began with GlossyBox - that I did indeed want to share with you, fizzled out as quickly as it started. For the first couple of months, my boxes were awesome - I got lovely HD Brow tweezers, HD brow palettes, Vichy Dermablend concealers, Paul Mitchell Hair Care, JellyPong Lipglosses to name but a few.

Then like a bad boyfriend who gets too comfortable and drops the act, everyday perfume and skin care samples replaced the high end products, Lady Gaga Perfume sample - very nice and it did make me want to buy, but perfume samples are usually free if you ask nicely. Olay, ok it was a sample of Regenerist 3 Point Cream which I have used for years anyway and swear by it BUT again, these samples are often attached to promotional pages in magazines. Then the final straw. Spanish Poundshop eye shadow palette in the most hideous green colours you have ever seen. Perhaps I'm being picky but according to the comments on their Facebook page, I wasn't the only one by a long way. It was like being taken to a transport cafe for our 6 month anniversary.

So I hastily unsubscribed with a bitter taste that didnt leave me feeling much like blogging about the better items - was this a ruse to draw me in, get me to fall in love so I wouldn't notice the rubbish stuff? I don't know, and there are some that would argue for £10 you are getting a fab deal, even with the odd dodgy box, and initially I would have agreed with them but after getting the same Olay sample 2 months running coupled with the fact that they completely ignored the questionairre I completed to enable my boxes to be tailored to me, I decided it was time to dump the bad boyfriend aka GlossyBox

Like the proverbial dumped bad boyfriend, they didn't ask me why or to reconsider, no emails to try and tempt me back, it was as if they accepted they had been dumped knowing there were plenty of beauty obsessed fish like me in the sea. So I guess that means they must be doing ok.

I often wonder what they are up to now, what do they put in peoples boxes now, is it better than the stuff they used to put in my box. I miss them sometimes - and I want to try again, I know they would have me back, and that's the thing - Fool me once shame on them, Fool me twice - shame on me...

Was it me? Or is it Them?

What do you think?

Zoe xxx

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