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Sunday, 15 July 2012

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Professional Palette - Starry Night ***UPDATED!!!***

Firstly apologies to my readers! Wedding season has kicked in leaving me little time for blogging. The list of products to blog is getting bigger by the day, especially as I have just signed up to Glossy Box too! I will endeavour to be a better blogger but in the meantime, here is something to keep you going.

As my regular readers will know, I have already reviewed MUA's Heaven & Earth & Poptastic Palette. I have to say Starry Night is actually my least favourite palette of the three for several reasons- which is saying something considering the Poptastic Palette isn't the most wearable palette in the whole world!

I suppose I shouldn't complain given its super low price tag of just £4.00, although I have noticed that its no longer available on the Superdrug website so if they have removed it from their stores too, it looks like you will have to pay postage & packing direct from MUA HQ!! Let me know if I'm wrong though! :)

MUA describe Starry Night as "A dramatic collection of eye-shadows that will add ultimate glamour to your night out." There is certainly no denying the palette is dramatic and will, with perseverance create a wonderful smoky eye, I'm just not sure there's enough good stuff going on to make it a worthwhile purchase.Here are the swatches...

... and here is the thing, although its worth noting at this point that there is a couple of relatively good dupes for MAC Silver Ring, I found that some of the shades were too similar in tone - for instance 1&12 Lilac, 3&6 Charcoal , 4&9 Silver aka MAC Silver Ring, 5&10, Petrol Blue, 7&11 Indigo Blue.

Back to the swatching, I used clean MAC239 brushes to swatch the colours onto my arm. Now the MAC239 is usually perfect for packing on product to get a deeply pigmented finish. Not so with this palette. I really had to layer it up to get the colour payoff that was anything like the pan...

...and look what that did to my palette :(!!


I cant believe my palette looks like that after one use!!! The product is just too chalky for my liking I'm afraid. The fallout is substantial but that might be because of the sheer amount I've had to use.

Its not all bad news though...

My favourite shades are 7 & 11. They are very similar but what I like about them, is that 7 has a satin finish which does make it completely wearable during the day. That's a win for me in a palette that's sold on the basis of its glamour content.
Daytime look using Shade 7

Shade 11 has more shimmer so it takes you into the night - fab layered over the mobile eyelid on top of MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner and blended into the socket. Shade 11 is similar but with quite a bit more shimmer.

For my EOTD I started by using 1 in the inner corner on a MAC 239 brush, 12 in the middle of the mobile eyelid, and 6 on the outer corner just up to the socket line. All three colours are then blended together using a MAC 217 brush. Back in with the MAC 239, I applied Shade 7&5 into the socket and blended out with my MAC 217. Along to bottom lash line, I used shades 3 & 12 from outer to inner corner on a MAC 266 brush and finally shade 8 around the tearduct and on the brow bone. On the lashes I'm wearing new No7 Fanomenal lash Mascara (Blog post on its way!!!)

Evening Make-Up Look

I feel bad for writing a not so good review on this product, but I can only tell it as I see it. You guys might have much more luck and Id really love to hear from you if you have. In fact Id love to hear your thoughts regardless, but especially if you have!


Back Soon xxx

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