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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Professional Palette - Poptastic

MUA's Poptastic Palette is described as "A show stopping collection of eyeshadows that will make your eyes pop" and it certainly lives up to its name.

Its fun, fruity, summery, bold, bright. In fact I don't think there is a negative word I could use to describe the colours. They are all FABtastic! A good mix of shimmery and almost matte shades that will funk up any eye make-up, whether used together or individually.

Now being a 30 something Mumma, I decided this palette, whilst perfect for my kit, wasn't really going to be that flattering on me - that said, I sure I will find a way of making the colours work and will post pics when I do. Cue my lovely step daughter Georgia who was staying for the Half Term holidays. 

Now the look I have done is more about showcasing each of the colours than a wearable look but hey, some might think its totally wearable and if that's you then good on you!!

What I really like about this palette is that its just possible that you could use this palette for your eyes, your cheeks AND your lips too (with a little help from a clear lip gloss). For this look, I created an almost Ombre lip using No4 on the top lip and No 10 on the bottom
I have had to use a primer to keep the colours true, but that seems to be a theme with all the MUA eyeshadows I have tried so far and its isn't a great hardship. It does mean, they blend together really well. If I had one little criticism, it would be that some, not all, of the colours are a little chalky in the pan, so be careful when you are packing the product onto a brush that you don't crack the pan!

 In terms of a MAC Dupe, I would say there are similarities but no real oh my gosh ahem "copies"

No 1 = MAC Pigment Grape-ish
No 6 = MAC Moons Reflection-ish
No 8 = MAC Pigment Bright Fuchsia-ish
No 10 = MAC Swish-ish

All that remains to be said is don't forget to throw away the sponge applicator because its scratchy and horrible, other than that, a reasonable 7/10 - It would have got an 8 but dropped a point for wearability.

Back Soon xx


  1. Thank you for the review, it was really helpful, keep up the good work xx

    1. Thank you, I have reviewed other MUA Palettes too, very impressed with their quality considering the price! Thank you for your support of my blog! xx