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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Professional Palette - Heaven and Earth

I have wanted this palette for simply AGES! Living in deepest darkest Norfolk as I do, means that many cosmetic lines just aren't carried locally unless prepared to travel to Norwich or Cambridge. I knew I could order it on line and I have to say Superdrug delivery is super efficient and super quick, but I wanted to get a feel for the quality before I made the purchase - even is it is only £4.00.

I waited and waited and waited (since January!) for my local Superdrug to stock the MUA Professional range, as they said they would but to no avail. I regularly pop in for supplies for my kit (no wholesalers within a 10 mile radius - told you I lived in the sticks!) so 2 weeks ago asked them to find out where I could get hold of it. Incredibly helpful as ever, they duly discovered it was being sold in a little town... village even... called Beccles. Beccles "Twillage" is a pretty lil town on the Norfolk/ Suffolk border - well worth a visit if you are on your hols around here. I fell in love with it and immediately set about informing hubby that Id love to live there - that was until we realised that it is a parking nightmare for shoppers, unless we just don't know it well enough. Next job, locate Superdrug amongst the rambling shopping area with its pretty kitch shops and less attractive boarded up "Twillage" centre pub. Talking of rambling..... I am some what so back to the palette!

Remember the whole purpose of my visit was to see and feel the quality of the palette before parting with my pennies... Well I could certainly see, though their fluorescent lighting leaves something to be desired. Fell however I could not, no tester, and as we all know, looks can be deceiving. Oh well I have what I came for and wait... whats that?... 3 for 2 on all MUA products.... Result!!! 3 Palettes, or to be more precise 36 little discs of eyeshadow for the princely sum of £8! (They usually retail for £4 each) I also bought Starry Night and Poptastic, but I will blog about them separately.

So Heaven and Earth, is it all I hoped for? Well, yes and no.

I love the blendability of the different colours for a seamless brown smokey eye, and, as long as you use primer, the stronger colours are well pigmented and long lasting. Unfortunately, without primer, they are a little wishy washy but hey, its £4 so on balance its still pretty good. The shades err more towards the warm end of the spectrum and it would have been nice to see some cooler tones, but the Undressed Palette is now available and while I don't have it yet, I pretty sure it makes up for what Heaven and Earth lacks. My biggest gripe - if you could call it that, is that there are no matte shades, they are all shimmery, frosty or glittery which means that as a natural palette, it is kinda restricted to nights out and a younger skin, which is a shame - but then perhaps that's the market they were trying to attract. If so, I think they have succeeded.

I have a lot of MAC eyeshadows, its my first and only true love and while MUA hasn't tempted me away, it has provided me with some dupes of MAC eyeshadows and that shouldn't be sniffed at.

Shade 1 = MAC Nylon
Shade 2 = MAC All That Glitters
Shade 3 = MAC Woodwinked
Shade 4 = MAC Jest
Shade 6 = MAC Honey Lust
Shade 10 = MAC Satin Taupe

Ive done a look for you using the top row of colours - not quite sure why I stopped there, the bottom row is equally as nice! All in all, Id give this palette 8/10, its cheap and the packaging is soso, but the product is good (don't forget the primer!) and is great for both the general consumer and for a make-up artist kit.

Back soon xx

PS Please throw away the applicator and use a brush - its scratchy and not very nice at all :)
PPS I mean absolutely no offence to the people of Beccles when I call it a "Twillage". Actually I'm rather in love with the place, I just cant decide if its meant to be a town or a village and "Twillage" suits its cuteness!

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