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Thursday, 22 March 2012

SLEEK Original I-Divine Palette Review

Now I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a MAC whore – That is to say, my kit is 99.9% MAC, I love the quality, the colour payoff, the finish, the price and I feel like a child in ToysRUs every time I visit the store. Very occasionally though, despite their enormous colour range, I just can’t find the exact shade I want and just such an occasion reared its head a few weeks ago when I was asked to do the make-up for a big party with a turquoise theme. Turquoise is one of those colours, being between green and blue that can be interpreted in so many ways and whilst MAC do several different shades – Steamy & Aquadisiac to name but two, neither were giving the right payoff on this occasion.
Cue hours of trawling the internet. The great thing about social networking as a make-up artist is the wealth of information and recommendations that we share between ourselves, both here in the UK, across the pond in America and all around the world. My Turquoise SOS found its way to Twitter and fellow artist Michelle Macgregor, recommended a couple of SLEEK palettes and even swatched the colours for me. Bingo! I had found the elusive Turquoise. All I needed to do was place an order and that’s where Superdrug came in.
Superdrug..... SUPERDRUG? I hear you say. Well yes, not a posh department store nor a luxurious beauty counter. In fact, where I live, Sleek isn’t even available in store, I don’t know why, but what I will say is that it SHOULD be!
24 hours later and £6.49 lighter for 12 shades, yes you read that right, my SLEEK palette arrived. I thought at that price, the packaging might be a bit tacky, but I was in for a pleasant surprise as when it was nestled in my kit, it could be mistaken for a MAC Palette! Inside the palette, 12 opulent, beautiful discs of glittering colour sparkled back at me. There is even a mirror and a full length applicator, which I don’t use but some of you might. The hardest thing about buying colour make-up online is knowing whether the colours are going to be true when they arrive. I needn’t have worried.
Here is a list of the colours – clockwise from Top Left. They don’t appear to have individual names so for the purposes of this post; I’m going to give them adopted names. Only the Black is Matt, the rest are shot with tiny glitter particles for the ultimate party look:
Matt Black
Violet, just like the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Dark Navy Blue, shot through with shimmer
Ice Blue, not unlike MAC Electric Eel
That Turquoise!
Christmas Tree Green
Olive Green
Peachy Pink, a glitterier version of MAC Jest
Pale Pink
Pale Gold

Only one colour didn’t quite live up to the picture, the bottom left hand corner colour looks like MAC Ricepaper in the picture but in real life its gold. PLAYTIME!
I have done a variety of looks using this SLEEK palette, yet I still haven’t used every colour so it’s already proved its versatility.  The colour payoff is AMAZING! I hate to say it, but it’s up there with MAC. You do get slightly more fall which is harder to clean up than MAC but that’s mainly due to the glitter particles. It goes on evenly and blends smoothly and seamlessly. My Turquoise Party Girl Kat loved the look I created for her, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her off the next day for not taking her make-up off before bed when she reported to me that her eye make-up was still as it was the night before. This SLEEK palette is not for every day and I probably wouldn’t use the darker colours for a daytime look at all. I would also probably not recommend this particular palette to the mature lady, simply because all that sparkle isn’t flattering on older skin. However, SLEEK do a whole range of palettes and I’m pretty sure there is one out there for everyone, from acid brights to earthy neutrals. And at £6.49 – you just can’t go wrong! Will I be buying another one? Absolutely!

Please note, these opinions are my own and the SLEEK palette was purchased by me, I’m not affiliated with SLEEK or MAC.

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