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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Great Yarmouth Gazette Column and Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets Review 28th March 2012

Zoe Says...  To shine or not to shine

In the wake of the Chancellors Budget, you could be forgiven for thinking that beauty treatments and purchases have become a luxury most of us can ill afford. However, research shows that in a recession, women are more likely to treat themselves to a “pick me up” manicure or a lipstick.
I’m a Make-Up Artist running my own business; GirlyGlam Make-Up Artistry,  and I know only too well the challenges faced by today’s woman to look good on a budget. In my weekly beauty column, I will be bringing you hints and tips to look great, as well as reviewing affordable beauty products you can buy both on the High Street and online. I’d like to hear from you, the reader too. So if you have any beauty questions or you’d like to know how to achieve the latest make-up trends, drop me a line at info@mgmtmedia.co.uk and your question could be featured in a future column.
This week, a quick word about skin care. Do you know what your skin type is? Here’s how to find out. First of all, wash your face and pat it dry but don’t moisturise. About an hour later take a tissue and press it to your face like a mask, ensuring you have covered your T-Zone, cheeks, forehead and chin. Now, examine the tissue; did it stick to your face? If so, the likelihood is you have oily skin. If the tissue is dry then the chances are so is your skin and if only part of the tissue shows traces of oil, then you have combination skin. What this test won’t tell you is if you have sensitive skin. Redness and irritation are classic signs of sensitive skin and can be combined with any of the above skin types too. It’s also worth remembering that the weather and central heating can all have a drying effect on our skin, so you might want to think about changing your moisturiser to a lighter formulation now spring has sprung. I will be reviewing some skin care products over the coming weeks, supermarket own brands versus named brand, so look out for my verdict!
The product I have chosen to review this week is new Shine Absorbing Sheets from Kleenex. Powder compacts are useful for touching up your make-up throughout the day but the pad they come with is a breeding ground for bacteria which you transfer between your face and the make-up every time you use it. Not only that, where the skin produces oil through the day, it can makes your foundation take on an orange hue. Add powder and whilst you might remove the shine, the orange gets more, well, orange – never a good look.
Shine Absorbing Sheets are your friend when it comes to shiny skin. They usually come in a little cardboard packet which will easily fit into your handbag. The Kleenex sheets come in a pack of 50 and usually cost about £3.00 but Tesco are selling them at an introductory price of £1.49 at the time of writing. Inside the packet, on the flap, there is a small “peel me” sticker which I initially thought was a silly idea as the sticky patch underneath would stick to the top sheet... then I realised it was an ingenious idea by Kleenex as it removes the sheet for you as you open the pack so you don’t take more than one at a time. You just take a sheet and press the plain side to your face where you are shiny. The sheet absorbs the excess oil and you are left shine free. I have tried lots of different brands in the past but these are great. They contain no powder so no residue is left behind on the skin. The proof of their effectiveness is on the sheet, mine looked like a piece of chip wrapper, but my face is completely shine free. They get a 10/10 from me for both effectiveness & value for money.
My Skin Before Using Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets
My Skin After Using Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets 
 Eeeewwwww! Better than being on my face though!! 

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